Interactive Webinars

We've brought together our top health professionals to help educate, empower and support you through you pregnancy and parenting journey. 

You get to ask the questions and talk directly with the health professional, so you really do have your voice heard. 

Did we mention that you get access to the recording with each event? So you can watch or listen from the comfort of your own home time and time again!

Someone in particular you want to hear from?? 

Email us so we can get that happening! 

Bianca Burge

Ahhh... sleep!

You don't realise how valuable a night of unbroken ZZZ's are until they're gone. 

Bianca is all about assisting families to get their groove back when it comes to sleep without any methods that leave you and your little one teary and upset. 

Discussing how to recognise your little ones sleep cues and how to manage the first three months of your little ones life. Bianca is ready to answer any questions you have!

Rebecca Winkler

I'm yet to meet someone who has as much drive to help women with their health and vitality as Bec. 

With her own experience with endometriosis, Bec has first hand knowledge and wisdom to share about supporting your health, wellbeing and fertility through nutrition and naturopathy. 

This is a MUST attend if you're starting a family or already pregnant.

Petra Joly

Women have been taught that their period should be hush hush and definitely not celebrated. 

So we're doing the opposite!

Your period and hormones are SO vitally important to your overall wellbeing and can be a real insight into how your health really is. 

Petra breaks this down and answers all your questions on periods and more. 


Britt Gavin

Britt is a midwife, SheBirths educator and most importantly a supermum! 

Working alongside the lovely Kelly (next image) Britt brings the experience of her own home births, hospital based midwifery and all the educator knowledge she's acquired to make sure you are truly ready for birth and beyond. 

Stay tuned to hear what she's got in store for you! 


Karen Shlegeris

Hold on to your seats as we tell you about Karen... 

She's a birth Doula, pre and post natal yoga and pilates instructor, CalmBirth educator and founder of Noosa's Birth & Baby Village!

Karen will be talking through all the things your partner can be doing during labour, birth & the immediate postpartum. 

You're definitely going to want to be here for this! 

18th FEB 2020

Jacqueline Kincer

All the way from the USA, Jacqueline is the bee's knees for anything breastfeeding related.

Learn everything you need to know about tongue tie & breastfeeding. 

From when to seek help to what you can do at home. 

Don't miss out!

Ginny Phang-Davey

She's back!

And this time she's sharing all the wisdom that comes with years of supporting women and their families to stay nourished and well during the postpartum period.


 Don't miss out!


Rachael Jobling

Rach is a supermum! Having created the 'Back to Base' Program (a physio approved exercise and rehab program for postpartum women) and working with many mums and mums-to-be in her fitness studio, she has years of experience in supporting women and their bodies as they return to exercise. 

Join us to tackle all the things you need to be doing for your mental and physical health postpartum.


Ginny Phang-Davey

If you haven't heard about her already, just know Ginny is an absolute game changer when it comes to preparing for birth. 


Concerned your baby might not be in a great position for birth?

Do your postures and movements have an impact on baby's position?

Want to learn about what you can do to help create as much space and maximise your chances of a great birth experience??

Then this is for you!


Narelle Jukes

Narelle is another fellow mum and an amazing Speech Pathologist from Warrnambool, Australia.

Narelle will be joining us to cover all the things you need to know about your little ones speech and language development and what you can do to keep it on the right track!

Tune in as we go through..

- Stutters

- Dummies/Pacifiers

- Developmental delay

& more!


Sophie Hickingbotham

Did you know that at least two thirds of couples report relationship dissatisfaction after the birth of a child?

Such a crazy statistic! 

You'll be glad to know that Sophie totally has your back on this. Having trained as a midwife and then bringing her own little one into the world, she decided to go back and learn all about relationships via the Gottham Institute and now teaches parents like yourself the best tools and tricks to manage this sleep deprived, uncertain & emotional time for new families. 


Sarah Appleford

Sarah will blow your mind with her many tips and techniques to engage and encourage kids to eat those pesky veggies that they all of a sudden decided they no longer enjoyed. 

Bringing her experience from working with school groups and one on one clients, this call is a game changer for those of you beating your head against a wall when it comes to getting your little ones to eat anything other than chicken nuggets. 

Nicole Highet

There is so much talk of physical preparation fora  baby.

Weekly Yoga - check.

Nursery Set up - check.

But do we do enough to support ourselves and the women around us through this time?


Dr Nicole Highet is the Founder and Executive Director of COPE: Centre of Perinatal Excellence (one of our favourite sources of support for families as they journey through pregnancy and parenting!) 

We are thrilled to have Nicole joining us for an interactive webinar specifically focussed on how we can best support & educate and advocate for better mental health. 


Kelly Hardy

Kelly comes with loads of experience both as a midwife and Maternal Child Health Nurse. As if that wasn't awesome enough, she also fits in her She Births education along side Britt Gavin (just to your left!). 

Watch this space as we keep you updated with the topic of her webinar.  


Corinne Cinatl

 Corinne is a world class postpartum doula and hypnobirthing instructor, with goals of better educating and supporting women throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.


Join us as Corinne teaches us about all the things you can do to prepare well for birth, including hypnobirth tools and techniques.