The journey into motherhood isn't always easy.

Pregnancy sciatica anyone? Hip pain postpartum? Are you the new mama with achy shoulders? Little one hates tummy time?

Feel like giving up yet?! 

Good news, we're here to help!

Bump Baby Balance is helping mama's everywhere to have a smooth motherhood journey with easy online courses filled with evidence based tools you can start using right now. Because a happy mum means a happy family.

Pregnant Woman


Mama's who want to keep feeling and functioning well during their pregnancy. 

Pregnant women wanting to prepare well for birth. 

Breastfeeding mums with sore shoulders.

Parents who's postures have changed while carrying and supporting little ones. 

Mums and Dads who want to make sure they're doing all they can to support their babies development. 


"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson

About Us


Hi there! 

I’m Dr Alexandra Gadsden, Chiropractor, former fitness trainer, birth nerd & best of all, mum to a little girl (& a fur baby).


As long as I can remember i've had an interest in women's health, particularly pregnancy and postpartum. Lucky for me, i'm part of a big family so had lots of experience with this cousins and aunts while growing up. 


This entire concept came about when I noticed what a gap there was in education around feeling, and importantly, functioning well during your pregnancy. 

After hosting in-house workshops, teaching lots of my patients handy tools and tips for pregnancy, and receiving wonderful feedback, I simply wanted ALL families, no matter the work hours, location, family structure or other restrictions, to have access to the same information. 

And with SO much information out there that comes from well meaning friends, family, bloggers & more, it was a priority to ensure what you're getting is safe & evidenced based.

My vision was then revisited & everything streamlined in late 2020 after the birth of our beautiful baby girl & my own journey into motherhood (turns our mums are REALLY busy!) so that you now have easy to access info, tools, techniques and resources in simple short snippets that you can rewatch or listen to as often as you need to. 

My hope is that it makes a real difference to your motherhood experience and that you can better enjoy the ride because of it.